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Early Intervention Developmental Therapy

Early Intervention Program (headed by State of Illinois including Playgroups and Direct Developmental Therapy /ages 0-3 years). Our Early Intervention Specialists, Pediatric Developmental Therapists assess each child's global development and identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, they develop play activities designed to help the child overcome their challenges and improve the quality of their interactions. Our Developmental Therapists focus on your child’s fine and gross motor skills through individualized intervention planning. They guide and support parents in learning to observe and interpret your child’s behavior and follow your child’s lead in play.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows a child with social skills deficits to gain intensive socialization therapy in an intimate setting. In the warmer months, PODS provides weekly play group sessions from 9am-12pm. Our therapists and teachers design structured interactive play activities to help each child improve in some of the global areas they may be struggling with such as peer interaction, engagement and problem solving. Our playgroups also include trips for both the child and their family to engage in. These trips include structured activities with support that families would otherwise not have. Parents, Teachers, Caregivers and Guardians are strongly encouraged to participate in our group therapy treatment process.

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