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Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders By Giving Young Children Their Very Best Start

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PODS is a full service, community based, inclusive therapeutic program serving children from birth to 13 years of age. Our desire is to focus on increasing the child/youth’s functional skills within his/her school, own home and community. Once it is fully identified, we will offer a continuum of evidence-based behavioral intervention (ABA therapy) to the child as well as resources and training for their families and caretakers. We service both children and youth with other developmental delays and children with typical behaviors. These goals will be determined and based on their individual needs and strengths across developmental stages from birth to 12 years of age.

Nikki B 

‘PODS is a lifesaver, period!  


All 3 of my babies were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and it has been very challenging, to say the least!  Over the past 3 years, each one of my babies has been warmly embraced by every staff member, ABA specialist and teacher there.  They are understood, adored, challenged, and cared for every single day at PODS!  PODS has created such a safe haven for my children to learn and grow without judgement or feeling ‘left out’.  They can be themselves and be applauded for it all the time!  We love our PODS FAMILY!!!’

Susan B 

Before coming across Projectorg, my son CJ was not happy. He was aggressive and was kicked out of his old school. I felt so hopeless and lost. He was angry and couldn’t really communicate it. We had a bad experience with another ABA company, and I was devastated. Once I meet the wonderful staff at Projectorg, they welcome CJ and I with open arms. I had parent training that was meaningful. Everyone one that has been involved in CJ’s development truly cared even when it was tough and difficult. He’s not aggressive like he used to be. He’s a lot more calm, manageable, and happy. In the past 4 years, CJ has learned how to dress himself, go to the restroom, wash his face, and brush his teeth independently without needing assistance and he’s striving in his development so far. We are truly happy with the love support we have received from Projectorg over the past 4 years. They are truly a blessing.

Erica Nanton 

PODs have an amazing staff that work so well with my little one, he has gained many skills since starting at PODs and I can tell he really enjoys it. I also appreciate the community building at PODs for Parents through the Parents Association which I have been able to serve as Vice President along with other Parents where we share with each other resources, ideas and our stories as parents who have children many of whom are on the spectrum. So, we don’t feel so alone through this journey. Thank you PODs for providing a space of learning, fun and community for our precious babies. 
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